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DataSinks is a french Big Data platform. I made the entire branding on this project. I worked with Alsanium on this project.


I chose four colors for DataSinks. Yellow, blue, and red for the three primary colors. And the last one, green, because DataSinks is really different from their competitor

I also wanted to play arount the new Material Design by Google. So the colors are from the Material Color Palette.

  • 8AC149
  • FFBF00
  • 07BBD3
  • FD5722


I made this logo after some research on the term "DataSinks". I started from an idea of a blackhole wich turn in the same direction of a svastika.


On this project, I just developed a sneak peek of the website. As expected, I also used a Google technology, the brand new framework Polymer !


  • DataSinks Screenshot 1

Thibaut Maurice

Hello, welcome to my portfolio. I'm a 20-year-old french webdesigner. Currently studying at MJM Graphic design in Strasbourg.

I was in internship these 2 past years with Alsanium.

Today I'm looking for a job in a web agency wich could love to work with experimental technologies.


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