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Elena’s Jouney


Elena's Journey was my first experience in game development. On this project, I worked with Mathieu Croset, a talented Designer based in Switzerland. I took care of the development of the project.


We needed to have a colorful character so that the player would instantly identify the character on the screen, even during fast gameplay. We chose two flashy colors, red and blue.

A 2D Pixel art style was perfect as a first experience.

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  • 04eaff


We chose the Construct 2 engine as a prototyping tool to make the alpha version of this game.

I learned so many things as a web-developer making this game. For example it helped me a lot to deal with complex animations and break down complex issues and work them out.


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  • Elena's Journey Screenshot 2
  • Elena's Journey Screenshot 3

Online Alpha

Play the Alpha !

Thibaut Maurice

Hello, welcome to my portfolio. I'm a 20-year-old french webdesigner. Currently studying at MJM Graphic design in Strasbourg.

I was in internship these 2 past years with Alsanium.

Today I'm looking for a job in a web agency wich could love to work with experimental technologies.


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